COMELEC is Hiring Election Assistant II | 4 Vacant Positions until March 27, 2024

COMELEC is currently seeking 4 Election Assistant II positions. College graduates without prior experience or training are encouraged to apply.


As an Election Assistant II in COMELEC, your main responsibilities include:

  • helping in the preparation and conduct of elections, 
  • assisting voters with their concerns, 
  • ensuring compliance with election procedures and 
  • maintaining accurate records of all election-related activities.


Based on the information available on COMELEC’s website, the salary of an Election Assistant II is Php21,211, which corresponds to Salary Grade 9 in the salary grade system. [1]


To be eligible for the Election Assistant II position in COMELEC, applicants must meet the following qualifications: 

  • Education: A Bachelor’s Degree that is relevant to the job is required.
  • Training: No prior training is required to apply for the position. 
  • Experience: Applicants do not need any prior experience to apply for the job. 
  • Eligibility: Applicants must have a Career Service Subprofessional/appropriate 1st-level eligibility to be considered. [1]

Documentary Requirements

To have your application processed and considered, you need to submit the following documents as an interested and qualified applicant:

  1. Application Letter
  2. Updated and properly accomplished Personal Data Sheet (CSC Form 212, revised 2017), with Work Experience Sheet
  3. Transcript of Records (Scanned or image copy)
  4. Diploma and/or Certificate Of Graduation (Scanned or image copy)
  5. Certificate of Eligibility (Civil Service Eligibility, Membership in the Philippine Bar, PRC Board Rating/License – whichever applies to your circumstance) (Scanned or image copy)
  6. Certificate of Employment with actual duties and responsibilities from current or previous employers (if applicable) (Scanned or image copy)
  7. Certificate/s of Training/Seminars attended (Scanned or image copy)
  8. Performance Rating (IPCR) for the last rating period (if applicable) (Scanned or image copy)
  9. Valid (not expired) NBI Clearance (Scanned or image copy)
  10. Ombudsman Clearance (Scanned or image copy) [2]

How to Apply for the Election Assistant II Position

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply for the Election Assistant II position at the Commission on Elections (COMELEC):

Step 1: Prepare Your Documents:

Gather all the necessary documents required for your application.

These include:

  • Application Letter: Addressed to the Personnel Department at their office in Manila. It should mention the position you’re applying for, its item number, and the department/office where the vacancy exists.
  • Updated Personal Data Sheet (CSC Form 212, revised 2017), with attached Work Experience Sheet.
  • Transcript of Records, Diploma, and/or Certificate of Graduation.
  • Certificate of Eligibility relevant to your qualification.
  • Certificate of Employment, if applicable.
  • Certificates of Training/Seminars attended.
  • Performance Rating for the last rating period, if applicable.
  • Valid NBI Clearance and Ombudsman Clearance (required only for positions with salary grade level of 11 and above). (with official receipt)
  • Keep original documents on hand for presentation if requested.

Step 2: Write Your Application Letter: 

  • Make sure your letter follows the specified format and includes all necessary details as mentioned in the job vacancy list.

Step 3: Submit Your Application: 

  • You can submit your application either by mail or email.
  • If sending via email, make sure it’s in PDF format and follows the subject format mentioned.
  • Please send it to careers@comelec.gov.ph.

Step 4: Subject Line: 

  • When sending via email, use the correct subject line format: “Application for (Position Title), (Item Number), (Division, Department/Office)”.

Step 5: Deadline: 

  • Ensure your application is submitted before the deadline.
  • Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

Step 6: Follow-Up: 

  • Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.
  • If you’re shortlisted, follow any instructions given by the Personnel Department or the relevant Regional Election Director’s office.

Step 7: For Field Office Positions: 

  • If you’re applying for positions in field offices (like Election Officers or Assistants), submit your application directly to the respective Regional Election Director’s office.
  • Refer to the COMELEC Directory for Regional Offices for contact details.

By following these steps carefully, you can ensure that your application is properly processed and considered for the Election Assistant II position at COMELEC.


The deadline for the Election Assistant II position at COMELEC is March 27, 2024. [3]

To be considered, submit your application with all required documents before the deadline. 

Just make sure to follow the application process carefully and submit all necessary documents before the deadline to be considered for the position.

You can check the Original Published Vacancy of COMELEC here:


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